Kalamazoo Scrabble® Fest To Benefit Adult Literacy Programs

By Michael D. Evans

KALAMAZOO, MI. — The Kalamazoo Literacy Council is hosting the First Annual Kalamazoo Scrabble Fest on April 16, 2011, from 12 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Portage Northern High School. The event will raise awareness of adult literacy as well as help raise funds to strengthen and expand adult literacy services for low-level adult readers.

The Kalamazoo SCRABBLE Fest is open to players age 16 and up. Players can register in the “Competitive” or the “Just for Fun” category. All levels of players are welcome. The event will follow official SCRABBLE® rules, and tournament play will consist of three 1-hour games with each player having three minutes per turn.

The cost to play is $25 per person for those who register before April 11, 2011. Players who submit this registration form by the April 11 deadline receive an event T-shirt. 

In Kalamazoo County, more than 31,000 people or 13% of adults cannot read a simple story to a child, an intersection on a map, a prescription label, or total purchases from an order form. Additionally, children whose parents are functionally illiterate are twice as likely as their peers to be functionally illiterate. Helping adults improve their basic literacy skills has a direct and measurable impact on both the education and quality of life of their children.

Moreover, for families to take full advantage of the Kalamazoo Promise or more confidently support their children’s education, they must be able to model reading and literacy in the home.  Parent’s who value their own educational attainment make a great difference in their children’s success.

That is why the KLC is committed to quality literacy education to eliminate these problems and enhance the lives of adults through programs that increase reading, writing and spelling skills.

For more information about the Council, please call (269) 382-0490 ext. 222 or visit the About Us page.